In the world's oldest language, sanskrit, iks means: to see, to perceive & to reflect.
Mailijai Baldé
"There are very few people that I know with an attention to detail like Mailijai, she will leave no stone unturned to make sure every video, image or graphic will be of the highest standard before going out to anyone. Over the years of watching her work, one thing I have realised is that she is always the most qualified or should I say over qualified person with too many masters and degrees to even mention.
I have always been amazed at the level of dedication and focus she has when working on a project, no matter how big or small the project may be. 
If you are looking for someone who will take your brand to the next level, Mailijai is the person you want to be working with."
Written by Reuben Pereira
Reuben Pereira
"There is something fascinating about working with Reuben on a video project: how effortlessly ideas about shot composition and lighting comes to him. He grew up around his dad's photography equipment and his devotion to the art (he even built a darkroom in their house!) might explains how naturally and fast Reuben became a skilled videographer and technician. 
Reuben is slightly obsessed with videos (as his impressive filming equipment demonstrates) to the point where he started designing camera accessories as a hobby. Six month later, they are being produced and sold by the well-known company SmallRig!
Reuben always strives to deliver high quality products to his clients, as well as something unique with a strong visual identity."
Written by Mailijai Baldé
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